Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting started..

Hi! I am Ipsita Sarkar. I am a student of media and journalism from Delhi. I am a complete novice in the field of blogging. My knowledge of it is limited to snippets from celebrity blogs that I come across and read in magazines. More recently, blogs and online articles about blogging by professional bloggers, did strengthen to a great extent, my theoretical base on the subject.

I was introduced into this online forum of communication, thanks to my course requirements of online journalism.The theme for my blog, henceforth, would be 'Gone With The Wild'.

As the name suggests, it would be dealing with anything and everything about wildlife and animals, irrespective of whether they are based in air, water, land, urban or rural areas, zoo, jungle or found as strays or pets.(That's the only way, the animal kingdom could be divided, as I am not aware of human sort of divisions like caste, creed, religion, etc!)

I don't exactly recall what had spurred my fascination for wildlife and the entire gamut of animal life for that matter. It all started in my childhood, is all that I can confidently say. Was that interest initiated as I avidly watched those 'animal' episodes on Discovery, Animal Planet and Nat Geo? Or did it start while I watched without blinking, those popular animated cartoon series of Donald Duck and Goofy, Tom and Jerry, Ballu The Bear, etc (the list goes on actually, all of them had funny animal characters talking in the human language!). Academic projects on wildlife, books and movies revolving around animals and my habit of interpreting the expressions of stray animals, as a kid (a la Dr. Dolittle!)-all had a role in nurturing that interest.

The topic is, indeed, very close to my heart. I have showcased this interest through school and college projects on related topics. But these have mostly been on paper pr power point presentations. It is for the very first time, that I am marrying off this interest with a stranger of a domain-the blogosphere! Through this blog, I intend to cover the good, the bad, the ugly and even the funny facets of animal life. Through articles, pictures, videos and other means (as and when, I keep discovering them), I plan to bring to the fore the lighter, funnier, bizarre (and even the dangerous) facts about animals to the more serious, of 'societal concern' matters about them.The geographical range could be as wide as that from some animal news in one's own locality to something more global.

So the canvas is large. Scope is immense.You are invited to contribute, in whatever way you wish to. I look forward to some really interesting interactions. Please do post in absolutely anything-quirky, funny, unusual, serious, something requiring urgent attention, dangerous-ANYTHING!

I am eagerly looking forward to learning loads on this topic( and about blogging. Though I have familiarised myself with the theoretical inputs, there's nothing like learning by doing, is there?)!

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