Thursday, December 9, 2010

Asian species of elephants will soon be seen in an exclusive 'room' of their own in America. Next week, the Los Angeles Zoo would be opening an Elephants of the Asia habitat.
"The habitat will include features that are dedicated to the health and welfare of the elephants, such as bathing pools, sandy hills, varied topography, enrichment opportunities and a state-of-the-art barn."(
The exhibit would bring to attention the shrinking habitats of the Asian elephants, focussing on the connection between the Asian countries' cultures and their elephants. In this unique and colourful way, it will be spreading awareness and encourage contributions for conservation of the elephants.

 It's a brilliant idea, that would not only be boosting tourism in the area, but also boosting, what I call, 'tourism-for-a-cause'. Conserving a particular species of animal should not be region-specific. The responsibility for protecting animals should not be restrained to efforts undertaken by people from that region (where those animals are found) alone. Although their efforts are of utmost importance, if people from elsewhere can also support the cause, then what's the harm? It's great that the cause of Asian elephants is being promoted in America on such a grand scale.

After all, each individual, of every country and of every continent is a stakeholder in protecting the environment, the flora and the fauna since they are all ultimately part of the same planet, the Earth!

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