Sunday, September 19, 2010

India-Best in Tiger Conservation?
Recently, India was adjudged to be the most dedicated towards tiger conservation by the Wildlife Conservation Society.
This is indeed a matter of great pride for us Indians. It is also really encouraging, considering the many projects, programs, plans, campaigns and strategies by the Indian Government that have been put to action in the past and being continued to be done so in the present and future, for the sake of protecting the tiger. These have been successful too. A recent research showed that India fared better in tiger conservation and tiger population, in comparison to other Asian countries. So kudos to the tiger protection efforts in the country!
But if that were really the complete truth, what was the hue and cry about saving the tiger (only 1411 left in India) all about? Why was Aircel, WWF and other NGOs and governmental organisations shouting themseves hoarse about protecting the tigers? Why is it that they became such an endangered species?

The fact remains that although India does have the best of plans and policies in terms of both quantity and quality, they are yet to be implemented with the requisite level of success. Red tapism, corruption and bureacracy act as huge hinderances to obtain the desired results. That is why problems such as poaching, habitat destruction and social conflicts among villagers cannot be effectively handled and continue to be a threat to the tiger population.

Yes, the plans have been instrumental in bringing about some progress in tiger conservation. But we are far from attaining the goal. That can only be done through stricter and more serious execution of the plans.

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