Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New CWG Volunteers:Langur Monkeys

Image Courtesy: thesun.co.uk

Amidst much Commonwealth Games bashing that is so prevalent everywhere, here is an innovative step being  being taken by the Organising Committee to tackle the animal menace at the Games Village. Trained langur monkeys have been employed to keep away stray dogs, wild monkeys and snakes, away from the site.

These langurs have been trained well for their job and their intelligence and aggressive temperament suits their job profile well in keeping the Village site animal-free(previously, there had been many incidents reported about the stray animals being the unwelcome and dangerous intruders). They would be the 'strict big brothers'  (literally too because the intruder wild rhesus monkeys are their monkey cousins) and hopefully their animal instincts would be an effective tool to keep away unwelcome animal intruders at bay.

The method deployed may be new and it is indeed unique and I say this in a positive way. After all, animals have always proven themseves to be efficient guards, be it protecting against humans or even against other animals. I certainly have full faith in the method being utilised and wish it all the best.

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