Sunday, November 14, 2010


I know, there's more than a month left for Christmas, but the preparations have already begun.
Operation Christmas Child has already started the process of packing gifts for children to be distributed as Christmas approaches. But there's a slight difference. There are no reindeer to carry these goodies. Instead there are elephants more than willing to do the job!

Elephants carrying 'Samaritan Purse' cartons (

Santa would definitely love this! Ever since, it was started in 1990, Operation Christmas Child has been reaching out to children in distress. It is a project of the Samaritan Purse (based in US) that has been brightening up the Christmas of suffering children by using simple gift-filled shoe boxes.

These gifts come through the donations of privileged children and their families who contribute toys, school supplies, candies and personal hygiene items. Millions of children  worldwide have been touched in this way especially in war ravaged and natural disaster struck regions, enduring harsh conditions.

And there are no reindeer to drag Santa's sleigh, but there are elephants, ox, camels and even dog sled to carry forward Santa's mission and legacy. These creatures along with helicopters, airplanes and ships are used  to deliver the gifts to the children enduring harsh conditions and making their Christmas special and memorable.
Truly heartening!Cheers to the spirit of Christmas!

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