Sunday, November 21, 2010


In this concluding part of the festive pack, I have put together some photos of animal festivals that occur around the world. Each festival has its own special significance in the cultural tradition and economy of that country. Some of these are really unusual. Do take a look and have fun!
This is a photo of the Philip Island Penguin Parade that is held year round in Australia. Australia is home to the highest number of Little Penguins in the world. It is a popular and natural form of tourist attraction. It is truly a sight to behold when hundreds of the world's smallest penguins emerge together from the sea and 'parade' to their burrows in the beach. Revenues generated from the Project are used in research for the protection of the Little Penguins.

Here's a hopeful canine participant at the Crufts, the 120 year-old, world's largest dog show that is held every year in March at Birmingham in UK. It is organised by the Kennel Club and is known for the confrontational championships testing dogs' obedience, agility, speed,intelligence, grooming and even  musical skills! It has several species and breeds of dogs competing against each other to achieve merit positions. On an average, 28,000 dogs participate in Crufts every year and some of the most exotic breeds from around the world are showcased.
Courtesy:OCA Magazine
Above is the logo of the At Chabysh festival that is held annually in July in Tajikistan and Kyrgystan and is dedicated to the Kyrgyz horses. Horse races, games and cultural events like related to the horses are conducted at the festival. As per an ancient saying of the region, "Horses are the wings of the Kyrgyz". The horse is an integral part of the Kyrgyz culture and economy. However, the creature is on the verge of extinction. The festival attracts international attention and selects the best breeds for revival. 
 This is a a poster of the Banner Elk Woolly Worm festival that is held every year at Beatyville, Kentucky in USA in October. The festival celebrates the woolly bear worm found in the region. The festival attracts locals and tourists alike with visitors even coming dressed as worms . The folklore of US and Canada believes that the proportion of brown and black on the worm's skin indicates the severity of the coming winter. Hence, the winning worm in the festival gets to predict the winter weather!
Bird festivals in different countries (like Chile, Phillipenes) and even the World Bird Festival are instrumental in drawing attention to the neighbouring eco-system. Ornithographers, bird watchers, locals and tourists visit these festivals in great numbers. Workshops, film screenings, activities and tours to various habitats are conducted to raise awareness.

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